Hi I'm Kristin!

I'm Kristin Traniello, the illustrator, designer, and owner behind Winifred Studios. Winifred Studios was born out of my love for playing with patterns and colors within illustrations. I went to school for Medical Illustration, and work as a Medical Illustrator by day. I've always been a doodler. A few doodles evolved into card designs and from there my illustrations have evolved from a few card designs into a collection of cards! Now I design and illustrate wedding invitations, calendars, teatowels, prints, gift tags, and much more!


Who is Winifred?

Winifred Studios is named after my Great-Grandmother, Winifred Merrill. I am lucky to say I knew my Great-Grandmother! She was an amazing women—strong, independent, and most inspiring to me....she was super CREATIVE! Winifred passed when I was a child, but her teachings stayed with me.