Introducing Madeline!

Sorry for the radio silence...the same morning my last blog post went up (I scheduled it the day before) I gave birth!

Madeline Nealley Traniello
January 26, 2016 at 5:25am
5 lbs 1 oz

17.5 inches long

M birth announcement

Madeline Traniello was born at 5:25am on January 26th after a very quick labor. My water broke at home the night before and off we went to the hospital. I was shaking uncontrollably the whole way there because I was so scared for her since she was only at 32 weeks. She was going to arrive 6 weeks early whether we were ready or not! Contractions started at 4am. They started to get painful around 4:30. I caved and asked for pain meds at 5am....and learned it was too late! Madeline was born at 5:25am. This little girl was in a rush and she almost arrived before the doctor did!

Madeline just hours old

Our girl was sick. Her lungs were underdeveloped (normal for a baby born 6 weeks premature). She had some hurdles to overcome but she is a fighter and after a couple of really rough days she started to improve and continued to improve faster than anyone expected! After 12 days in the hospital she was released and our family of 3 finally went home (we lived in the hospital with her until she was released). 

leaving the hospital

The last 3 months have flown by and I can barely believe that Madeline turns 3 months old today!! We couldn't be more smitten with our silly, sweet, girl!

3 months with bunny

Even with a new baby I have lots of new things in the works for Winifred Studios! I can't wait to share them with you!


Winifred Studios is finally taking the leap into Wholesale! B and I have been talking about it for years....YEARS! He knows the business side...linesheets, contracts, net 30....all that stuff. figuring it all out. And it has been scary to take the jump. A stationer friend, Kristina of Crumple + Toss, had given me some advice, feedback, and pointers awhile back...and then I kind of sat on it. For like a YEAR. Seriously. I was really excited to jump into wholesale....but afraid to look like I didn't know what I was doing.....and we are! Lets do this!!!


I may not know a ton about the wholesale side of business, but I have done a ton of research...its the next logical step for my business...and no matter how much I research or talk about the end I will just figure things out as I go. I'm finalizing my line sheet in the next week or so (prepping for a baby and being uber pregnant makes everything take longer than I think it will). And I'm really excited to say that I sent out my first wholesale order this morning!

A small gift shop in Dedham, Massachusetts approached me about carrying our individual cards, boxed sets, and prints! So far they placed an order of Valentine's Day cards to get those up in their shop before the holiday, and they are excited to place a second order from the completed line sheet of our full product line when that is done! Once the full line sheet is done I plan to reach out to a few other small local shops/boutiques that have either been recommended to me or that I have chatted with before. Fingers crossed that 2016 is the year our wholesale business takes off. I'm hoping to be in 20 shops by the end of the year.....we'll see what happens! #businessgoals

Wellesley Marketplace 2015

This Saturday (as in....2 days away--eek!) we will be selling at the Wellesley Marketplace. This is our 5th year and we look forward to seeing our repeat customers as well as new faces discovering Winifred Studios for the first time! We will be in the Lower Gym, in the same booth location we sold at the last couple of years!


Saturday we will be rolling out our 2016 Calendar as well as some new cards (Christmas, Romance, and Graduation)  and a bunch of new frameable prints that I'll reveal in an upcoming blog post!! We'll have our usual lineup of single cards, boxed sets, calendars, teatowels, gift tags and lots of frameable prints....all featuring my whimsical illustrations.


In addition to new designs throughout our shop...I'll also have a baby bump for Wellesley this year! Above is a horribly lit pic I snapped in my studio last week while packaging 24 week bump made a cameo. Baby Girl Traniello is due in early March and we couldn't be more excited!

We're also excited for Saturday! If you're local to the Boston area we hope to see you there!