Winifred Studios is finally taking the leap into Wholesale! B and I have been talking about it for years....YEARS! He knows the business side...linesheets, contracts, net 30....all that stuff. I...am figuring it all out. And it has been scary to take the jump. A stationer friend, Kristina of Crumple + Toss, had given me some advice, feedback, and pointers awhile back...and then I kind of sat on it. For like a YEAR. Seriously. I was really excited to jump into wholesale....but afraid to look like I didn't know what I was doing.....and well...here we are! Lets do this!!!


I may not know a ton about the wholesale side of business, but I have done a ton of research...its the next logical step for my business...and no matter how much I research or talk about it...in the end I will just figure things out as I go. I'm finalizing my line sheet in the next week or so (prepping for a baby and being uber pregnant makes everything take longer than I think it will). And I'm really excited to say that I sent out my first wholesale order this morning!

A small gift shop in Dedham, Massachusetts approached me about carrying our individual cards, boxed sets, and prints! So far they placed an order of Valentine's Day cards to get those up in their shop before the holiday, and they are excited to place a second order from the completed line sheet of our full product line when that is done! Once the full line sheet is done I plan to reach out to a few other small local shops/boutiques that have either been recommended to me or that I have chatted with before. Fingers crossed that 2016 is the year our wholesale business takes off. I'm hoping to be in 20 shops by the end of the year.....we'll see what happens! #businessgoals